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Here at Elite Intellicare we build teams of professionals to support hospitals, retirement communities, short-term and long-term care facilities, and more. Our team also provides a great supply of experienced Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed-Practical Nurses (LPN), and Health Care Aides to care for seniors and elderly patients.


Every elder is unique and every case of aging is distinctive, showing in different ways and progressing at different rates. We understand that so we select the best and most qualified staff in advance to provide the care that you want, when you need it. 

Providing Care
at All Levels

Committed to Quality Senior Care

To ensure that we hire the best staff and care service coordinators, we look for people who exhibit passion for caring for seniors and who view their assignments as more than just a job. Taking this responsibility very seriously, we have incorporated a rigorous multi-step screening process.

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Inquire Now 

Our team at Elite Intellicare will discuss with you over the phone or video call to learn about your needs and provide the best health care staff.

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