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Why Choose Us?

Elite Intellicare is committed in providing peace of mind to our senior patients with health, mental, social and physical support needs around Winnipeg and surrounding areas. We make a difference with our premium services from our team to our patients.

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Deliver the highest level of compassion care and service to our clients.

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We are committed in providing professional health care services for everyone regardless of demographical or geographical boundaries.

Our goal is to improve the lives of patients in need of quality care and medical assistance. In doing so, we aim to team up with health care professionals and workers and put our collective knowledge, skills and attitude for the betterment of health care delivery.

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Elite Intellicare For Seniors

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   Ma. Theresa (RN)  


     Ritz Krystle (RN)     

Care Manager

     Andy (MBA)     

Business Development

Inquire Now To Receive A Free Custom Care Plan 

Receive a FREE personalized care plan for you or your loved ones. Our team at Elite Intellicare  will discuss with you over the phone or video call to learn about your needs and provide the safest custom care plan.

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