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Elite Intellicare Staffing is committed to a high quality and safe environment for both our staff and clients.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan outlines the policies, guidelines and procedures we have implemented to help eliminate, and where elimination is not possible, reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposure among Elite Intellicare staff, contractors, and clients.

This Safety Plan addresses the current operating status of Elite Intellicare Staffing. We will regularly review this Safety Plan and update it as work processes change or as we implement new orders from Provincial Health Officers (PHO) or Medical Health Officers (MHO).

This Safety Plan applies to all Elite Intellicare staff: management, front-line personnel as well as our clients.

With the increasing COVID-19 Delta variant case numbers, growing client demand for vaccinated staff, and in collaboration with our partners, we are transitioning towards making COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for all our team members.

An individual is considered fully vaccinated when they have received their final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days ago.


  • Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), Elite Intellicare staff will actively screen all patients for signs and symptoms of illness, including COVID-19, from a 2-meter distance.

  • Staff will also screen family members or others in the home at the time of the patient’s visit for signs and symptoms of illness and will ask them to maintain a 2-meter distance throughout the visit.

  • Staff will ask asymptomatic clients and family members/others in the home to don a cloth mask for the duration of the visit, if they can tolerate it. If they do not have a cloth mask, Elite Intellicare staff will offer them a procedure mask and educate them on when and how to wear it and preserve it.

  • If a patient screens positive for COVID-19 symptoms, Elite Intellicare staff will follow specific procedures.

  • Elite Intellicare staff will follow contact and droplet precautions when providing care to a client who is symptomatic or pending/confirmed COVID-19 positive. All staff are aware of and trained in all procedures.

  • Third party vehicles, such as taxis/Uber, can occur if necessary. For specific client transport needs (i.e., specialized client vehicles) staff will conduct an assessment and put safety measures in place to prevent transmission.


  • All staff are required to complete one of the following:

    • Submit proof of full vaccination against COVID-19, OR 

    • Submit proof of a medical reason from a physician or nurse practitioner that they cannot be vaccinated against COVID-19, OR 

  • All Elite Intellicare staff who are not fully vaccinated will have to complete weekly COVID-19 testing (PCR or Rapid Antigen) confirming a negative test.

  • If the result of a Rapid Antigen test is positive, the staff member must inform their supervisor and complete a PCR test within 24 hours.

  • Staff must self-screen twice a day (including before every shift) for signs and symptoms of illness, including COVID-19 and document their screening results. 

  • Staff with signs or symptoms of illness, as well as those who are self-isolating or in quarantine in accordance with public health directives, are not permitted to come to work.

  • Procedures are in place for staff to follow should they develop symptoms consistent with COVID-19 while at work or after their shift.

  • Staff is aware of and educated on the importance of diligent respiratory etiquette: cover coughs and sneezes; avoid touching the face, mouth, nose, eyes, and mask.

  • Staff has received refresher training on infection control practices: safety meetings on site, or via zoom and teleconferences.

  • Supervisors have been trained on how to help and support staff follow the policies/procedures and know how to monitor and respond to identified hazards.

Hand Hygiene

  • Staff must practice diligent hand hygiene (clean hands with soap and water or alcohol based hand rub) before, after and during each episode or provision of care.

  • Elite Intellicare staff will ask clients to perform hand hygiene at the start of the visit and as needed throughout the visit.

  • At the point of use, and as required, Elite Intellicare will make available disinfecting wipes, tissues, paper towels and waste receptacles.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Elite Intellicare staff are trained on the proper use, care, maintenance, and disposal of PPE. This includes donning (putting on) and doffing (removing) PPE.

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, all staff must wear a surgical/procedure mask, eye protection and gloves when visiting clients who are asymptomatic.

  • Elite Intellicare Staffing has instructed its staff to always follow droplet and contact precautions when providing care to clients who are symptomatic or pending/confirmed COVID-19 positive.

  • Elite Intellicare Staffing will encourage clients who are symptomatic or pending/confirmed COVID-19 positive to wear a mask for the duration of their care visit.

Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Elite Intellicare Staffing has ensured that the cleaning products and disinfectants it uses are effective against COVID-19.

  • Elite Intellicare Staffing has trained the staff who are responsible for cleaning client care equipment and ensure they are aware of their duties.

  • Where possible, Elite Intellicare Staffing dedicates equipment and supplies to a single client. If this is not possible, all reusable equipment that is shared among clients must be appropriately cleaned and disinfected after each client use.

  • Elite Intellicare Staffing ensures that staff have access to approved cleaning/disinfection wipes that they can easily take to home environments.

  • Elite Intellicare Staffing advises staff who use a vehicle for work to routinely clean and disinfect high touch point areas such as seatbelts, steering wheel, head rest, door handles and hand holds.

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